Conference List is a curation service of international computer science conferences. It provides useful date information of conferences, namely, conference dates, abstract and submission deadlines, and notification dates. This service is maintained by Takahiro Komamizu (@TakaComa on Twitter).


Conference List is beneficial for you when you

  • look for conferences for submissions in near future,
  • want to know schedules of conferences of your interests, and
  • plan when to submit your papers.


Conference List has following functionalities.

  • Upcoming shows a list of conferences with approaching deadlines.
  • Past shows a list of conferences with deadlines. Conferences which submission deadlines are passed are on the list.
  • Google Calendar shows Google Calendar view of the conference schedules. You can import the calendar to your own Google Calendar.
  • Targets shows a bunch of conferences in selected research groups (DB, WWW, NLP, DM, IR, SE, AI, MM, HCI, ML, DL, and others). If you have any suggestion for adding, deleting, moving to other groups, please let me know.
  • Follow me links to the Twitter account of Conference List (@_ConferenceList). The account tweets conference information and approaching deadlines in next months. You can give any comments or suggestions to the account by reply or direct messages.

Additional Information

@_ConferenceList maintains lists of twitter accounts of target conferences. You can follow the lists to get conference information directly from official conference accounts.

Conference quality or ranking is one of the most important perspective to decide your submission. The following are helpful contents for conference rankings.

  • CORE conference ranking: an association, CORE, of university departments of computer science in Australia and New Zealand provides a portal for conference rankings.
  • CCF conference ranking: a Chinese organization, CCF, provides a series of conference rankings.